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Ellen Bass

Pianist and Poet: Music and Poetry

by Michael Tierra The performance of two divas, Inna Faliks, pianist and Santa Cruz poet, Ellen Bass Yes, there will be music and — and there will be poetry. A piano recitalist with a flair for the theatrical, Inna Faliks, originally migrating to the US with her parents from Odessa, Ukraine, has succeeded not only […]

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Even though artists are notorious for dealing with mental health issues, the idea that art can only be created from suffering and pain is a statement that truly troubles me. Art is a celebration of life and a way to acknowledge that every person, regardless of their personal circumstances, can contribute beauty to this world. […]

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Interview with Cellist Amit Peled

by Peggy Pollard “I felt I’m disturbing it, in a way, like waking up an old man” said Amit Peled to his audience, as he drew his bow across the strings of the antique cello. It was a famous cello. His audience was a woman — a very sophisticated, 83-year-old woman. Amit had grown up […]

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Daniel Greenbush discusses classical music

Why This Music at This Time? “Classical music in America is now basically irrelevant — marginalized, not covered in any mainstream media and reduced to fodder for cheap jokes on TV sitcoms. Schools, unless you live in a wealthy school district, have virtually eliminated all meaningful encounters with western classical music … Arts blogs are […]

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